Education is the lighting of a fire. the real.

Yesterday I re-read this excellent post by Joe Kirby, which featured this quote-by-not-Yates:

“I wholeheartedly disagree that possessing knowledge improves your ability to think. I’m afraid your criticisms would give way to a ‘filling of a pail’ approach rather than a‘lighting of a fire’ approach.

I was also pointed in the direction of this woefully misguided ode to vapid, where you can see its echo:

“Moreover, teaching a prescribed “core knowledge” instills a culture of conformity and an insipid, passive absorption of carefully selected knowledge among young people. It doesn’t encourage students to think critically about society – nor does it fire a desire to challenge the views they are taught. Schools that adopt this method become nothing more than pipelines producing robotic citizens, perpetuating the vision of a capitalist society and consequently preventing social mobility.”

Of course.  People with knowledge never thought critically.  Critical thinking is in fact magic…

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