Discovering JUMP Math

Filling the pail

Daniel Ansari Tweeted the short video above so I took a look and I would encourage you to do the same. I was vaguely aware of JUMP Math. There has been much discussion of Canada’s declining maths performance in international studies such as PISA and TIMSS and I have heard JUMP Math mentioned as a possible solution.

I was struck by the claim in the video that JUMP Math uses ‘guided discovery’ learning. If you visit the JUMP Math website, this claim is repeated and a link is provided to the Alfieri’s et. al. paper that relates to this topic. In fact, this paper compares a range of conditions it labels ‘enhanced discovery’ with a range of other things that could include working from textbooks. One of the enhanced discovery conditions is ‘guided discovery’ but the authors don’t really explain what this is (the others are ‘generation’ and ‘elicited explanation’). The…

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