Education in Sweden: comparisons with England, conclusions, suggestions

Improving Teaching

My beliefs about Swedish schools have changed as results have collapsed and I’ve come to recognise the effects of poor policyproblematic pedagogy and limited support.  I want to conclude by comparing English and Swedish schools and systems.  There are obvious risks in generalising across countries, but the underlying similarities are instructive.  Nonetheless, let me preface this by quoting Weber, the great comparator: he noted that the expert

will of course find no facts unknown to him.  We can only hope that he will find nothing definitely wrong in points that are essential…  a writer must make modest claims for the value of his work (The Sociology of Religion).


It is impossible to prove – to know – learning is taking place without reliable, valid assessments.  Classroom assessment in England remains too blunt to be useful to teachers, too vague to summarise accurately, and incredibly time-consuming.  English exams, on the…

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