Should we bring back grammars? the real.


I found myself reading over many articles on the issue this morning, and just wanted to throw another voice into the mix.  I won’t say much, because better people have already said it better than I could – and I’ll link to them in a bit – but I want to highlight this one graph out of all the others.


Grammar schools entrench social division

The graph is taken from here.

It shows the following:

  • Wealthier pupils outperform poorer pupils
  • Attainment in London schools is, overall, better than anywhere else
  • If you’re poor, grammar schools lower your chances of success

Cast your eyes to the left of the graph – that’s where the least well-off live.  There are three scenarios shown, from top to bottom:

  1. Live in London
  2. Live elsewhere
  3. Live near a grammar school

Unless you’re wealthy, you’re better off living anywhere but near a grammar school.


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