The Ferris Wheel

Filling the pail

“Right,” said Mr Poynt, briskly calling the class to attention, “now that we have those government tests out of the way I thought it would be good to dial down the stress levels with some authentic project work.”

This was good news to Jimmy. He hated how the government had made him spend the last five weeks endlessly practising tests. How many more times did he need to find out that he couldn’t do the last ten questions on the paper? Project work sounded good.

“Your task,” explained the teacher, “is to design a Ferris wheel for the town and market it to tourists. This is an opportunity to exercise your creativity muscles. Does everyone know what a Ferris Wheel is?” Mr Poynt pressed the space bar on his laptop and a picture of The London Eye appeared on the whiteboard.

“It has to be 20 metres high. You need…

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