The short rise and fall of Amanda Spielman | @FlyMyGeekFlag

Sarah Bedwell is an Aussie teaching English and other things in the north west of England. She loves using technology in new ways to engage and excite learning, though she does believe in pedagogy before technology. Sarah is currently the ‘Lead Learner for Using New Technologies to Enhance Teaching and Learning’ – otherwise known as an eLearning Coordinator.

When Amanda Spielman was named as the likely new head of Ofsted, there was an outcry from certain parts of the education world. “This woman has no teaching experience!” they cried. “She can’t possibly understand what it’s like! You can’t judge someone if you’ve never walked in their shoes!” and so on, ad infinitum. It’s a tiresome group in the teaching community, I find, who seek to find issue with everything and all. It saddened me that some of the most vitriolic comments came from my union colleagues.

Source: The short rise and fall of Amanda Spielman | @FlyMyGeekFlag


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