The case of CASE

Filling the pail

I am reposting this old websofsubstance piece because of the new EEF results. The original post is from 2013. Please see this post for my current thinking on statistical tests.

Hey, you there! Are you interested in a proven strategy for improving English Language results for sixteen-year-olds? Yes?

What if I told you that the strategy involved teaching thinking in science lessons when the students are eleven or twelve? Is that what you would have expected? It’s certainly not what I expected.

Welcome to the world of CASE – Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education.

I have read quite a lot recently on domain knowledge and the possibility of generic skills. What can we teach children that will transfer across different domains of knowledge? The easiest summary of the research is this piece by Dan Willingham. In short, such skills do exist but are limited in scope. We would generally…

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