Rethinking Success in the Post-Gaming Zero Sum Era


Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 18.19.22 Saturation Curves and Limiting Factors. Relevant to school improvement.

My sense is that people across the education system have yet to fully appreciate the implications of the slow-creep bell-curve hold that’s been applied to school outcomes. Talking to folk from OfQual on a couple of occasions recently, they have reiterated the view that, even in systems regarded as successful, year on year improvement might only be on the scale of 1% in terms of outcomes across a national cohort.   The improvement in Maths GCSE outcomes of 0.7% A*-C last year is regarded as generous; certainly not overly harsh. To a great extent, this equates to a zero sum scenario (more poetic than a 0.7% sum).  If school A increases maths outcomes by 10% in a year, a school B somewhere must have seen maths outcomes go down by 9.3% OR 9 schools must have gone down by 1% each (assuming…

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