Worked examples or problems? Attempting to resolve an apparent contradiction

Filling the pail

I have written before about the notion of “element interactivity” and how it might be linked to the choice of optimal teaching methods. It is worth noting that the concept of element interactivity is controversial and has been questioned by respected researchers such as Jeffrey Karpicke. So please bear that in mind when reading this post.

One valid criticism is that no experiment has been conducted in which element interactivity (EI) has been manipulated. Instead, researchers are making inferences by comparing very different experiments. For instance, we might point to an experiment in which EI is supposedly low and compare its results to one in which it is supposedly high, but a better test would be one where EI was a independent variable within the one experiment. It is therefore interesting to consider a new study where an attempt was made to vary the amount of EI. The study was carried out by…

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