Dear politicians, don’t mess up the chance to make OFSTED fair

Scenes From The Battleground

I wrote previously about why I rejected the criticisms of Amanda Spielman’s nomination to be HMCI.

The news that she would be appointed was the single best news I can ever remember hearing in my ten years as an education blogger and fifteen years as a teacher. And the latest news is that her appointment is being blocked.

So let me move from addressing criticisms to addressing why it is really important she is appointed.

The basic problem we have had with OFSTED over the last few decades is that it has not been fair. There are schools with excellent results and committed teachers that have been told they “require improvement”. There are “outstanding” schools that have actually been disastrous failures. And this is without the long history of perverse criticisms of effective teaching, and ridiculous praise for gimmicks that has appeared in reports. In my own career I’ve seen…

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