Genericism and the crisis of curriculum

Clio et cetera

What follows below is a talk I gave to the British Curriculum Forum event on Saturday 18th June 2016. Generally the talk was well-received, even amongst those who disagreed with the argument, though I did have one angry response as well! Comments are as ever welcome below.

It would be worth reading this lost alongside Christine Counsell’s post ‘Genericism’s children‘. 

I am grateful indeed to be asked to speak before this audience, and rather humbled to be stood here alongside Michael Young. I speak here with several voices – as a history teacher, as a school senior leader, as a mentor of trainee teachers, as an academic, as a blogger – and, although what I want to offer in my first few minutes is in some ways a set of highly theoretical and technical comments on the nature of the school curriculum, I nevertheless want you to understand that these…

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