21st century skills in Dutch ‘ed reform 2032’. OECD in denial of psychological research?

onderwijs_2032 science check

Ben Wilbrink

What is going on here (in Holland)?

‘Platform Education 2032’ is a committee installed by education minister Sander Dekker. The Committee, chair Paul Schnabel, reported to the minister on the kind of curriculum that would prepare students well for the year 2032 (and further). The claim by the Platform and its chair that the report is based on sound science has been challenged by many, among them math teacher Karin den Heijer in a high profile TV discussion (in Dutch) with Paul Schnabel. The purpose of this blog series is to check on the committee’s claim of scientific support. For starters it is to be established what the committee’s take is on important themes 1) knowledge, 2) 21st century skills, and 3) personal development.
This blog is about the committee’s take on 21st century skills, as well as the contrasting position of cognitive psychology on the topic of…

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