When caring for others, don’t forget yourself

A Roller In The Ocean

My daughter took a gap year after her A Levels. As she was planning to study Medicine, she decided to spend the gap year working as a Health Care Assistant (HCA). The work was hard, the hours long but she enjoyed herself.

She had a regular list of patients she used to visit every day. One of these was elderly and lived alone and had lost touch with family.

One day when she entered the flat she saw the patient lying on the floor. She rushed to the patient and started to check for vital signs. The patient was unresponsive. When she had started work she had had to attend training and that included CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). She had been told that people sometimes “freeze” and don’t start CPR. She told herself she wasn’t going to be one of these. She rang 999 and started CPR. An ambulance arrived within…

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