Guerilla Recruitment & Beating the System

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Back in 2011 the BBC News website reported that schools were spending an astonishing £293 million on supply staff.

By 2015 that figure, as reported by the same news agency, had risen from the astonishing to the mind-boggling, with costs being reported as £733 million.

I have no doubt about the fact that by the end of this parliament (for it is a parliamentary matter above all else) this will have become a £1 billion industry, sucking in ever more funds as the recruitment crisis (what crisis?) bites harder and harder.

At the same time, schools have been facing progressively worsening financial conditions, forcing those like me with the title Accounting Officer to accompany that of Headteacher to hold the salami against the slicer as best we can to ensure that each slice is as thin as it possibly can be.  For the lucky ones, and I count myself…

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