Weak arguments and conspiracy theories.


crop-circles Image: Crop Circle Symbology

In general I think we’re in a good place regarding educational debates.  There are lots of areas where people hold different points of view and I feel that, compared to the pre-twitter , pre-Gove era, there’s a much livelier climate of discussion and debate about what education is for and what constitutes effective or desirable practice.  Prior to 2010 (roughly) my sense is that we are herded sheep-like towards one position or another by the too-few voices of authority.  It was difficult to get a sense of a national debate on any technical issues – only those related to conditions of service.   The Gove vs The Blob period was painful for many but, ultimately, it has, in my view, unleashed a new wave of debate that we’re still riding.  Gove stirred (attacked?) the hive and we’re still buzzing.

In amongst all of this, there are…

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