How should Labor respond to the Australian government’s education proposals?

Filling the pail

There are currently lots of excitable educationalists who are losing their minds on Twitter because of the government’s proposals for education. It’s probably best not to listen to them too much. Instead, I offer to be the voice of reason. In short, the Labor party should adopt some of what the government is proposing whilst maintaining a pretty crucial point of difference.

First, we must acknowledge that the government has a valid point which is perhaps best expressed in Simon Birmingham’s own words:

“While Bill Shorten has promised more money for schools, Labor is ignoring the decades of significant funding growth yet declining performance. For all Labor knows, their extra funding will be used to build a second or third sports shed or pretty up a school gate rather than addressing the generational deficiencies of our schooling system.”

In truth, it is perfectly possible to massively increase funding to an…

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