Anecdotal evidence? Funny hats to the rescue.

Filling the pail

I know a little about education and this means that I’m often left perplexed by education journalism. This leaves me uneasy – how much should I trust journalism about subjects that I know far less about? Hmmm…

The latest example that’s left me scratching my head is a piece by the ABC here in Australia. From what I can gather, various research institutes and state governments have joined forces and are getting students to don funny hats with electrodes in them. Why?

“Debate over which education techniques work best are argued using mostly anecdotal evidence, with limited statistics to draw upon beyond test results.

Now researchers from around Australia are going to extraordinary lengths to measure classroom success, right down to observing students’ brain activity and heart rates.”

The story then goes on to describe how this technique is used in a Brisbane school. Children are being studied as they…

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