Teaching’s Stockholm Syndrome

Filling the pail

I have been reflecting further on the way that one academic chose to write about a group of teachers. It’s just one example, I concede, but it’s prompted me to wonder whether there are wider implications.

Perhaps theyreally don’t like us?

Consider this. In the paper that I linked to in my last post – a paper that should be widely read – the two contrasting types of teaching were referred to as ‘teacher-led’ versus ‘child-centred’. The evidence in this case was clear: principals who subscribed to child-centred approaches tended to run schools with lower attainment and greater inequality of outcome.

This is hardly a new finding. Indeed, the authors referred to previous studies in their discussion. So what keeps child-centred teaching alive? It is, after all, more than 100 years old. By now we should have worked out that it is less effective and that it replicates…

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