Should teachers choose to learn a particular teaching style?

Clio et cetera

I have recently been reading Doug Lemov’s various works on teaching teachers. The books and videos will be familiar to many and, although some of the Americanisms jar on my British sensibilities, I nevertheless find the books a persuasive and cohesive whole. What you have in Lemov’s work is a clearly-defined styleof teaching.

The problem, of course, is that to teach a teacher in the ‘Lemov School’ requires a considerable time investment. There are lots of strategies to learn and, above all, they need a great deal of practice. You couldn’t introduce someone to the ‘Lemov School’ in an afternoon professional studies session: I reckon it would take at least a year of constant practice and feedback to get to a stage where you are teaching well in that style.

And this is probably true of many teaching styles. The ‘Heathcote School’, making wide use of inquiry and role-play…

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