The White Paper: Not the Right Paper. Chapter 3: Nonsensical Ideas

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Taking my lead from the DfE’s White Paper, ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’ (EEE), I have written this blogpost in three chapters. The first was all about the ‘big ideas’ in the White Paper. The second was all about what I considered to be the ‘important ideas‘. In this final chapter I want to explain why I think a number of the proposals contained within the document are nonsensical.

As with the first two post about EEE I want to begin with a somewhat tangential preamble that has a gripe about an aspect of the White Paper that really got up my nose. Yesterday, I drew from the foreword but today I want to take issue with an aspect of the extremely short conclusion (and trust me when I say that short is not an adjective I can use often in relation to this document).

In the opening sentences…

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