The White Paper: Not the Right Paper. Chapter 2: Interesting Ideas

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Yesterday I wrote the first chapter of my response to the DfE’s White Paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere (EEE). In it I outlined my thoughts about the ‘big ideas’, as I saw them, in the document. In this chapter I want to focus on the ‘interesting ideas’ before, in the next and final chapter, putting the case that there are a number of ‘nonsensical ideas’ within the 128 page document. For an explanation of my definitions have a look at the first sections of the first chapter which you can find here.

Before I say more about the ‘interesting ideas’ I’d like to begin with another pet peeve that I have about the White Paper as a whole. In her foreword, Nicky Morgan writes the following sentences:

“It’s an ambitious programme, and an exciting one. But the prize of securing educational excellence everywhere means it is the right thing to…

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