Miss, would you like to come and work in this school?

A Roller In The Ocean

Few months ago I had asked Katharine Birbalsingh if I could visit Michaela. She had said yes and we had a date in the diary. Then came the tube strike and I had to cancel the visit. On 22nd March I finally got to visit the school along with Targinder Gill and Steve Penny.

Michaela is a bit like marmite, people either love it or they don’t. Unlike people who decide they don’t like marmite after trying it, people who don’t like Michaela are mainly those who have just read about it or have been influenced by others who also haven’t visited. People who have seen the school for themselves may also find some things they don’t agree with and that is ok. What these people don’t do is heap criticism on the school for the sake it. What they say is something along the lines of, “I wouldn’t do…

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