Where Did Education, Education, Education, Go Wrong?

Trivium 21c


In a speech on 23rd May 2001 Tony Blair made the following pronouncement:

Our top priority was, is and always will be education, education, education. To overcome decades of neglect and make Britain a learning society, developing the talents and raising the ambitions of all our young people… In the past four years our teachers have achieved outstanding results. They have carried through what Ofsted calls a ‘transformation’ in primary school standards. The best primary test results ever. 160,000 more 11 year-olds reaching the standard for their age in literacy and numeracy than four years ago.

Blair wanted Britain to be a ‘Learning Society’. So what did we learn?

In his excoriating attack on Tony Blair, ‘Broken Vows: Tony Blair, the Tragedy of Power’ the controversial author Tom Bower seems to set out to destroy whatever positive views  one might still have of the former prime minister. I’m not going to get involved…

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