A work-life balance? What’s that?

The Honest Teacher


***Disclaimer: Ok, I am the worst blogger ever. I meant to post the following blog about six weeks ago. Saying “I never got round to it” is the worst excuse, I know. But…I never got round to it. So, some of it isn’t current (such as the amount of time I’ve been on placement). I now have just under 3 and a half weeks left of placement. However, the general thinking and idea behind it remains the same and I would still love your thoughts on it! Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to being back blogging on a more regular basis soon! I have SO much to talk about 🙂 Kate.***

I’m typing this on the train to school, because it’s the only real time I seem to be able to find in a day to type something like this. I’m on placement and have to catch the…

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