Evolution Assembly Hoopla. Beyond Belief!


Human – business evolution An image that sums up my week.

It’s been quite a week on this blog and on my twitter feed.  Last weekend I wrote-up my assembly about evolution and the reaction from some students. Usually assembly blogs don’t get much attention but I record them anyway in the spirit of sharing ideas.  As far as I’m concerned, given that evolution is a core aspect of every child’s education, it’s not controversial to celebrate the ideas in an assembly.  All the elements of  the evolution concept – the historical development of the ideas, the exciting range of sciences that provide evidence, the parallel biographies of Darwin and Wallace, the powerful logic of the selfish gene concept – combine to provide the awe and wonder that characterise  good assemblies.

The reaction to the blog has been remarkable.  The comments are now many times longer than the blog (an interesting and reasonably civil exchange)…

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