Undergirding and ESP

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About three years ago, in the middle of an SLT meeting, I used the word ‘undergird’ to describe how we needed to support staff. As is their wont, a couple of my colleagues reached for their smartphone to google (other search engines can be used) to check whether or not I had coined yet another neologism, as is my wont. I’m fairly convinced that I have a 66% or better success rate when they do this, although I suspect that they are equally convinced that it is 33% or worse. In this instance they were utterly certain that this was yet another example of Bartle baloney, and I can’t say I blamed them: it felt too ugly a word to be utilised in such a beautiful context.

To everyone’s surprise Brian announced (with more than a touch of chagrin) that it was indeed a real word. What’s more, I’d used…

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