The Data Never Lies

Trivium 21c


The morning briefings seemed to be getting longer and longer, the Nescafé was colder than usual when it crept to a halt, Mr Bolt was not the only one running out of steam. There were three other old lags who had been there ‘in the old days’, their steamier days were also long since past. Looking around the staff room Bernie Bolt realised that not only was he one of the oldest in the room but that all the newbies, enthusiastic, grinning inanely, had all been given positions of responsibility, all of which meant they had something to say in every briefing. Briefing was no longer brief.

Longing for a return to the days when the coffee was proper and at a good temperature Bernie got through the briefing by wondering what he will get up to after his redundancy, though no-one had yet mentioned it to him, it was…

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