Is it Time to Ditch the Arts at GCSE for Some Pupils?

Trivium 21c


The Ebacc is not a qualification, it is merely a performance measure for schools, therefore it matters not a jot whether a pupil gets it or not, it only matters to the school. The school has a choice, to ride roughshod over some pupils wishes so that it might look good on a measure or to sacrifice its overall ‘academic’ image to enable pupils to choose subjects that some may prefer.

The thinking behind the Ebacc, originally, was to steer pupils towards taking subjects that were more ‘academic’ and this meant that the arts and technology subjects were, alongside ‘soft’ academic subjects, deemed unsuitable for inclusion in this measure. At the same time OfQual  embarked on a process to make exams ‘tougher’.

Then along came ‘progress 8’ which the DfE describes as:

…designed to encourage schools to offer a broad and balanced curriculum with a focus on an academic core…

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