Education is Subjective, May It Remain So

Trivium 21c

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Schools awash with targets, data, and objective assessments seem to belong to a different world to that of the human being. Measures have been taken and each droplet of objectivity drips into our consciousness. At some point each school will become different, their core purpose will have moved from that of educating a child and children and they will have become a temple to percentages. Each child will cease to be a person and will become, instead, a type. Identified by sex, race, whether their parents pay for a meal or not, northern, southern, home-countied, Londoners, Seaside and deprived; each child will be known by the data they accrue. It won’t be obvious until it happens, and when it does happen those within the system may not appreciate it, but happen it will have. How many granules of sugar does it take to make a pile of sugar? Grains of…

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