Mistakes I Have Made in Leadership: 5 rules for dealing with a Social Media attack

Old Primary Head

“I am human and I need to be loved…” The Smiths

I did a Twitter poll last week which asked how many teachers/ leaders had suffered personal attacks on their decisions, character or ability via Facebook. I got 52 replies of which 48% said they had. The most recent government statistics for teachers in state funded education is 438,000 (2011 and publish in 2013). I am sure that the above stat would drop significantly but I am interested in just how many have faced personal attacks (10% would still be a significant amount of stress and upset caused). I keep thinking to myself how can these social media attacks on teachers and schools be allowed? How can anyone justify a media trail minus any evidence and often fuelled by vitriol? At least if you were being covered by the local paper you would have your side viewed as well. I…

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