The Mysterious Resurrection of the Norwegian Blue National Strategies

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“I wish to register a complaint.”

Thus begins the famous “Dead Parrot” sketch from the Monty Python team.  Well, I wish to take up the complaint because, like John Cleese’s Mr Praline character in the sketch, I feel like someone keeps trying to sell me (and the education system generally) a dead parrot.

In this instance the dead parrot in question is the suite of government-mandated, government-written and government-forcefed National Strategies that lived a relatively short or relatively long (dependent on which way you look at it) life of twelve years.  I know, because I checked the dates on the gravestone which read 1998-2010.  The problem is that whilst looking at the gravestone I couldn’t help but notice that someone had dug through two yards of soil, ransacked the coffin and disinterred the corpse.  Either that or the National Strategies had been buried too soon and, Lazurus-like, had miraculously risen from…

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