Subject Pedagogy Development Session 2: Vocabulary Matters

Class Teaching


During our INSET day today, we had the second of our ‘Subject Pedagogy Development Sessions’. The thinking behind these sessions is to put CPD back into the context of subjects. So each session has an over-arching theme, that is then discussed and developed within subject teams – read more about this approach to CPD here.  The theme for today was looking at the teaching and development of vocabulary.

Andy Tharby opened the session, by talking about the findings of University of Kansas researchers Betty Hart and Todd Risley.  They followed 42 families and looked at how parental interactions with their children affected the vocabulary development of the children.  They found that children from higher income families were exposed to around 30 million more words than children from families on welfare – more can be read here.


This then becomes a virtuous cycle – the more words you learn, the…

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