Mistakes I Have Made in Leadership – Keeping it Simple

Old Primary Head

Headship often reminds me of the text adventure games of the 80’s and early 90’s. Games like Zork and The Hobbit which had real character and charm but often left you with a sense that it was only through trial and error (and luck) that you ever really managed to accomplish anything.

If only headship was as simple as typing, “Lead school really well.” (“What? Like writing a blog OPH?” I hear the cynics shout… “YES!”)

There are other times where headship reminds me of an Xbox One game. It looks and sounds great, it moves fast, it has colour, lights and action… but deep down, after the gimmicks have worn off, it is no better than the old text adventures.

As a school leader I have made some pretty impressive mistakes…

This is usually when I am trying to be too clever. I have created data systems that make…

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