To the Things Themselves!

Trivium 21c


Target setting and pupil tracking can distract teachers and pupils from what they are meant to be studying. By being concerned about grades over and above learning many teacher pupil conversations can avoid talking about the things themselves. When there is an over-emphasis on the marking criteria, where it replaces the thing being learnt, teacher and pupil can spend many a fruitless hour trying to decipher what marking criteria might mean and whether the pupil is achieving a target guessed at by the teacher, especially in a climate where many of the exams being taken are new.

For fun, I thought I might look at this through a phenomenologist’s eye. The philosophy of ‘phenomenology’ is described in the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy in the following way:

Classical phenomenologists practiced some three distinguishable methods. (1) We describe a type of experience just as we find it in our own (past) experience… (2) We interpret a type of experience…

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