My Top 5s of 2015 – PE, Youth Sport and Education


Lists have a deep appeal to me. They provide information that is categorised, analysed and quantified. This makes for, in my opinion, a much more enjoyable reading experience at times. Lists can help to overcome what is known as the “paradox of choice”. The more information we have at our disposal and therefore have to process, the worse we tend to feel emotionally. It has been observed that when the amount of conscious cognitive workload is reduced, the better we actually feel! This is because the faster we can decide on something, for example what we are going to read, the happier we may become. So here are a few recommendation lists for Physical Education, Youth Sport and Education. Hopefully you might find something new to add to your own lists for 2016.

Tweeters. These Tweeters are generous with their time, share thought provoking articles and ask challenging…

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