Dangerous Conjectures

Horatio Speaks

“’T were good she were spoken with; for she may strew dangerous conjectures in ill-breeding minds.” – Hamlet

I raised an eyebrow when I saw the tweets about the traditional / progressive debate being ‘boring’. A little further investigation revealed that the allegation was not so much about the level of excitement that the debate generated but rather the idea that the debate was not worth having, stemming from a post on the teachertoolkit.me blog.

I would normally ignore such comments as uninformed. In this instance however, because of the writer’s own claims to be widely followed, I am inclined to the view that these ramblings might have detrimental consequences for the profession and need to be challenged.

The blogger claims that:

“… this debate is fast-becoming the most boring debate of 2014 and (also) 2015! Can we face yet another year? Are we still in a position where we…

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