Learning from satellite navigation

Filling the pail

I hate being given directions. My eyes glaze-over and I lose the thread. “Just give me the address!” I want to scream. I can tap that into my iPhone and satellite navigation will do the rest.

Satellite navigation has been used as an example to explain why feedback should not be too immediate. David Didau discusses his own SatNav and makes the following point:

“The problem is I get too much feedback. I know where I am, where I’m going and what I need to do next all the time. I never have to struggle. And because I never struggle, I never learn.”

The opportunity arose and I therefore decided to conduct my own completely unscientific experiment. I was visiting friends who had just moved to a new town. Whilst there, I had cause to visit the local supermarket; a 15 minute drive with plenty of junctions along the way (I’d…

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