Ambition 2: Other people’s and what to do about them.

teaching personally

I suppose there is just a slim chance that those headmasters were sagging because they had spotted in me the potential for top management and were trying to nurture it – but I doubt it. More likely they were after more bang for their buck – as a classroom teacher I don’t come cheap.

Nurturing talent is a difficult business, for it potentially involves trespassing on the sovereign territory of others’ lives. As teachers, we are of course paid to interfere, even when they would rather we weren’t doing. In some ways, it’s the point when the ethics of our vocation is probably at its most critical, but getting it right isn’t easy.

During the last term, I was presented with several difficult situations and I hope I got them right.

Case X was a member of Year 13. The pupil concerned has learning difficulties but is still moderately able. I…

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I offer short courses in the basics of Critical Thinking to small groups. I am a former teacher with 30 years' experience. I taught CT to 'A' Level for a significant period.
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