Differentiation is not ‘teaching all kids badly’


This morning I happened upon a thread on Twitter that had been running since last night and involved @miss_mcinerney @LearningSpy @nastyoldmrpike@Lisahansel @SimonKnight100 @rachelrossiter @nancygedge at various stages of the conversation. The tweet which captured my attention and sheer horror was this one from @nastyoldmrpike ‘differentiation is another word for teaching all kids badly’. I traced this thread back and it had originated with a post from @Lisahansel entitled ‘Differentiation’s Dirty Little Secret’. The essence of the post was that the author had visited several elementary schools and observed lessons where the whole class listened to the same introduction. After the introduction the lesson was differentiated for 3 or more groups each with different projects to complete.

The lesson described is not expertly differentiated by any stretch of the imagination and it would not be appropriate for children with SEND. I take exception to the line ‘Differentiation is supposed to provide different…

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