Is this the most clueless OFSTED report ever written?

Scenes From The Battleground

Before I start I’ll say that I do like to think OFSTED have changed. I am part way through writing a post about how a couple of recent reports said things that the OFSTED of old would never have said. Then, earlier today, this post on Labour Teachers drew my attention to a particular OFSTED report. (I won’t name the school in this post, as it is unfair on the school if people find this blog when searching for the school by name, but you can find it from the report.)

According to OFSTED this school is outstanding. This includes the achievement of students. According to the report:

  • When joining the school, usually in Years 10 or 12, students’ attainment or grades are generally below average. The progress they have made in in their prior secondary education is also below average.
  • This pattern changes dramatically as soon as they start…

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