Dismissed as an ‘ideologue’

Filling the pail

I’ve just read a kind of homage to Dan Meyer. It is typical of the genre and similar to Meyer’s own writing. The key features are the hubristic claims – that Meyer will ‘save’ maths – coupled with absolutely no evidence at all to support them. As ever, we are supposed to simply feel that the argument is right. We are meant to evaluate it on its truthiness.

Critics – and Meyer has acknowledged that I am one of them – are dismissed by Meyer as ‘ideologues’. So that’s OK then. Game over. Except that it’s not. Much as it serves a rhetorical purpose to paint me as a crotchety old has-been who just doesn’t like change, this won’t wash. Call me ‘Gradgrind’ or the child-catcher from chitty-chitty-bang-bang; call me any names you want but this won’t alter the fact that I have absolutely loads of evidence to support my…

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