Course Correction. The leadership path is never straight.


Image: Atlantic Kayak Tours. Image: Atlantic Kayak Tours.

Nothing goes according to plan.  That’s my experience of education.  From the scale of my lessons to long-term whole-school initiatives, nothing ever seems to work out in the way that I imagine.   I now see that as not only normal and inevitable, but a healthy, intrinsic part of the process.  There’s a business management book called Ready, Fire, Aim. I’ve never read it but that concept appeals to me enormously.  Of course, you need some clear long-term goals but, these are quite broad.  In terms of the details, most often you need to get things moving before you can properly set the course, simply because, until you get started, you don’t really know how different variables will play out.

This applies to many examples in my career and certainly since joining Highbury Grove, course correction has been and will continue to be required on many fronts:


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