A small price to pay

Filling the pail

I was on a bus passing through Brierley Hill on my way back home. It was the end of a long journey. A few weeks previously, I had been teaching physics in Kambuga. A couple ofweeks after that, I had stayed inMasaka where I met a young man whose father had died fighting for Idi Amin and whose mother had died of aids,before travelling toEntebbe where I had heard the news that Princess Diana had been killed in a car crash. It was September, 1997.

There was something deeply strange about England at that time. It was as if I had flown in from Mars rather than Uganda. I had been troubled by the news of Diana but we hear troubling news all the time. You cannot avoidit. So I felt sad,butthen I did what I had always done and carried on. YetEngland was different. The shops in Brierley Hill…

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