The Governance handbook: Working out what’s new matters. Part 3

Governing Matters

In this post I discuss Section Two of the new Governance handbook and Section One of the old Governors’ handbook (Jan 2015) as these sections discuss the core strategic functions of governing boards.

Duties which boards have to perform in addition to their core duties had been listed in a Table in the old version and are missing from the new version. The table, I suspect, probably was quite a useful thing to have.

Anything which is an addition in the new handbook is in red, black text indicates that the text is unchanged and my comments are in green. The numbering used is that of the Governance handbook.

2.1 Setting vision, ethos and strategic direction

3. The board should ensure that the school has a clear vision – which it may be helpful to articulate in a specific written vision statement. This should include ambitions for current and future…

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