Keep Taking the Happy Pills

Trivium 21c


Dr. Happy is in School massaging the Headteacher’s ego. The new happiness initiative has resulted in all staff being 13.33% happier than they were before Dr. Happy had come to work with the school. The happyometer ‘nipple effect’ had made them all laugh on the first day, though to many it seemed a sinister development. “You must not wait to be happy at the weekend!” said the Doctor, “You must be happy at work because work is happiness!” The first thing Dr Happy introduced was a demand that all had to smile at anyone who came within two metres of their personage, this was tested by attaching large hoops to tall top hats that members of staff were required to wear on their heads, when people came into ‘your loop’ you had to flash a Gordon Brown smile at them. Wide corridors instantly became happy places, whilst dismal narrow and dark corridors…

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