The Importance of a Joined Up Curriculum

Trivium 21c


I often use the following example to illustrate the need for curriculum coherence: a primary school that had no handwriting policy. In this school children went from their Polish reception teacher who introduced them to cursive writing, to an English NQT in year one, who didn’t think it mattered, to a Spanish year three teacher who thought it did matter but taught it in the way that was different to the way the Polish teacher taught it. The Polish teacher had been taught cursive writing at her school differently to the way the Spanish teacher had in hers. Had the English teacher been taught it at all at her school? Even if you look to teach a style to ‘suit the child’, some sort of agreement and continuity would seem to be essential. The overall effect on the children was that there was no continuity in the way that they should approach writing, the curriculum…

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