Are Threshold Concepts the new Growth Mindset? Thoughts on the Importance of ‘Blockers.’


I was at a training conference recently where running effective meetings was being discussed. Eventually, the discussion segued into the so-called ‘types’ of members of staff who might be at the meeting. For instance, there are ‘blockers’. You know the type, the ones that question every idea and find faults in everything? (Cue eye-rolling and simultaneous knowing smiles)

But we need blockers. Blockers keep us grounded. Blockers are beautiful.

Tonight on #engchatuk we discussed ‘Threshold Concepts’, including how we might use threshold concepts in our own schools. I don’t want to upset any people involved in this chat. They are fantastic, marvellous, generous individuals who regularly help me in ways they probably don’t realise. But, I wondered tonight that we might be getting a little bit ahead of ourselves. Might threshold concepts be the new ‘growth mindset’?

The reason I say this is because ‘growth mindset’, though clearly embedded carefully and…

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