Are history teachers arrogant?

Are they? Are we? Or are we/they just the most arrogant?

I jokingly butted in to a Twitter conversation tonight between Sam Freedman and Laura McInerney where I asked Laura why she hated history teachers so much. This was a joke.

It sparked, however, a few interesting points and made me wonder, as I often have, whether history teachers think they’re better than others. I’ve often found colleagues to be either particularly dismissive of other subjects or having held an unnaturally – perhaps, arguably; incorrectly? – high regard for their own discipline. Is this necessarily a problem, other than being something which winds up colourer-inners, sorry, geographers? Whether it is or isn’t, here are a few reasons why we historians just might be a little arrogant at times:

  • According to Sam, history is ‘the academic subject with the highest level of ITT applications to places.’ Therefore institutions can be…

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