The Curse of the Quick Word.

Trivium 21c


Part of the stress of working in schools is the short amount of time people have for adult to adult interactions. Staff become institutionalised, the bell controls the bladder, brings on a thirst for coffee, a need to let off steam with colleagues, tell off a child, commiserate, or congratulate. It is a time for a joke, last minute photocopying, putting up a notice, sending emails, catching up on marking…

having a fag…

running over to the next classroom, collecting cover, doing a playground duty or having a meeting.

All in ten minutes! Or a bit longer if at lunch, or after school, but don’t forget ‘extra curricular/co-curricular’ activities and clubs…

The worst thing that can happen in your precious busy (sorry that should read ‘free’) time is when a member of senior management catches you with the dreaded words “Can I have a quick word?” ‘Curses’ the teacher thinks…

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