What are our pupils reading?

Clio et cetera

It has long been recognised that ‘literacy’ is not simply the responsibility of the English department in school. Most of the discussion surrounding reading in recent blogs has (rightly) focused on primary school and the teaching of phonics. There has, however, been very little discussion of what we should be getting pupils to read at secondary school (with noteworthy exceptions from Jo Facer’s blog and Katie Asford at Michaela Free School). I wonder how often we think in much detail about what pupils are reading in school, outside of their English lessons. In particular, how often do we walk about what non-fiction books pupils ought to be reading? Here are a few things to consider.

(1) What are they reading in lesson time?

English teachers think carefully about what books they get their pupils to read in lessons. As I understand it, it is not at all uncommon to…

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